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Folder Synchronisation

is a utility program that helps you to keep two folders and their sub-folders in synchronisation.

Perfect Laptop Use

It is best used if you have a laptop and work most times on your local harddisks. After returning to office, you can upload all your changes to the server with some simple mouse-clicks. Why not use the advantages of your companies backup-concept? Why ever lose a file to a Windows malfunction again?

Version 1.3 is now availble. Updated to work better with Windows XP.

Easy to use interface

We tried to keep the user interface as simple as possible.

Control the default operations

To avoid unnecessary copy operations, you can switch off updates for specific file groups.

Don't loose deleted files

Keep a copy of deleted files on the server, but never copy them back to your local computer.

And many more...

Folder Synchronization is currently at Version 1.3.

Download Folder Synchronization

To update an old installation, just install this new evaluation version.

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